You want to see how I earn $ 245 in less than five minutes?

You want to see how I earn $ 245 in less than five minutes, this will not take long and will probably change the way you earn money forever.

This is not a scheme to get rich quickly. It is one of all. I am Kirk here again, in this article, I want to talk before going into the specific type of information throughout this course in the section on stock trading, just talking about our type of logic and thought process of how we do operations and, again, just one A 10,000-foot vision of what we are trying to do is obviously a numbers game and I often say and I have often said that when it comes to trading options we should run our business as a casino does it and we all know that bitcoin casinos make money, I mean they make money at the hands of the fist, but sometimes it is difficult to step back and discover exactly where their edges are.

I mean, we know that casinos earn money and have an advantage and they want us to play well, but let’s quantify that. It looks like you and what are the mechanisms and the logistics behind that, because there is much more than just the percentage that you will win or lose in a given game or table, it is reduced to the size of the limits of the tables. The number of times people play or roll the dice says that there is a lot at stake and we should act like a casino does, but often we do the opposite and we will see why.

How does a casino really make money? and once again what is their advantage over us? We quantify that, so let’s start with roulette and admit that roulette is one of the worst games of chance, but it’s actually one of my favorites to play. I mean, I guess I like to play in it. I do not go there to earn money, but when I like to play roulette. I don’t know. Follow all the things with poker and the different players at the table. I like to play roulette and bet on the different numbers and spaces that you know, but when it comes to roulette and we know that I play with the die with the spinning wheel and the marble that falls most often people will bet on black red and it is quite normal for someone to enter a casino and you know that you put all your money in red or black or whatever.

It’s the exact way you pay so you can see that the payment is one-to-one, which means that if you bet $ 1, you’ll pay $ 1 if you win and if you bet $ 1 and lose, you lose $ 1. That’s how the payment works, so it’s fairly fair in terms of risk and the reward that you put $ 50.00, you could win $ 50 or lose $ 50, but this is where the advantage of the casinos comes in and there are two different, as well that there is a possibility that the roulette’s European wheels only have one.

The green zero and so they do a little better in terms of the probability that the Americans will hit us and we have to double the zeroes in the roulette wheel, which means that our probability is even lower, but you can see that the probability of this happening one of these red or black is about 48 47%, so even though you are earning a dollar for every dollar you risk, the probability that you keep it is 47%, which means that the Casinos’ advantage is approximately two and a half to three percent, and that’s fine.

That’s how we can find out what the edges of the casinos are because every time we do this trade we’re theoretically losing between two and a half to three percent now it’s not right. It’s not like the casino was stealing your money right away.  But over time you can see how it really grows and again you can see the total amount of times that can happen in the colors and everything and the numbers that are covered in this, so as we go on the odds of the roulette, you can go back to watch.

That probability of red or black is about 46 47% depending on how you calculate it and who you look at several times, but you can see that the odds of that happening even with even numbers that have one-to-one payments. Are pretty much the same right to win the casinos and not drag you over the embers and take all your money once, you want to stay longer and they want to play longer and, obviously. As you go further and further down, the probability of hitting any number on the roulette wheel will be drastically reduced, but the pay is obviously much higher than in place to be one. I’ll pay 30 five to one, so if you win a dollar in Tibet money and hit it, you’ll earn about thirty-five dollars for every dollar you pay that big, but you have a very small chance of it actually happening.

Now why the limits of the tables so you’ve often heard that when you go to the casino, the the most secure online casino will have a small sign that says this table has a table of limits or a limit of, say, $ 50 or $ 100. Increases the number of quotations in quotes that a person will make, which increases the advantage of the house to the casino, so the more time you play.

The more you lose and that is a period and a story that there is no debate, so the casinos want deliberately mogollón of f plays and plays a lot and want to do it with a small amount of money. I often say and I’ve made a podcast about this also is that if you entered a casino and told the casino manager, hey, I want to do it. Wager a million dollars in red right now. Bet 1 million dollars on a single net roll a turn and that’s it.

Absolutely would not say in any way. The majority of 99% of uk online casinos would say absolutely in no way because they are one. Will you lose? What is the probability of losing that? What is going to happen? What are you going to lose? of the different bets, they do this, they limit the amount of money they can bet on a role or on one because they know that the more they spend, the more they roll up and the more backward they become a big picture that really shows this and this is with rules again the odds of going with a black or red number or even an odd number.

So only one turn, so if you turn it once and the wheel turns once, you’re probably on average about the same time 51% now remember that you receive a payment of 50/50 if you win, so your risk is almost exactly the same as the payment of your reward in the course of one hundred turns, the percentage you get is approximately 64%, so You’re still the type of game you’ve played for a while, but now you start to lose more and more that advantage in the casino and, again, in more than a thousand spins and then, more importantly, in 10,000 spins.

Given the night over 10,000 turns, you have no chance to keep the money you put In addition, the longer you play, the less consistent it will become, in fact, the consistency will decrease exponentially the longer you play, because the small advantage of the house that we observe before that kind of two and a half to three percent slowly returns to the casino and looks.

This is the reason why they want to play more and more time, that is why they have great deals on casino trips and they offer you free rooms and free food because, the longer you play, the more money they will absorb, so that you will have All these operators and, what is more important, as operators of options, we must follow the same logic with the way we manage our business and, to begin with, we must consider it a business.

This is not a hobby. This is not something like a business. It means that you have a high probability of exchanges when you go to a casino, you are not making any high probability of exchanges, there is a small advantage in the house in trading, we know how to perform high probability transactions and we can make the number two is we have to keep the size of our position small.

Also, we have established table limits for ourselves, we cannot go there in half and say, like a rodeo cowboy, just throwing money to the left and to the right, you have to go there and you. Now we have to make small bets according to the size of your position. Just now we have a great guide within the alpha option in the guides section and checklist that helps you determine the size of your position according to a lot of different account sizes and the number three, we have to understand that consistency.

It is what leads to earnings being able to make high probability exchanges with small positions over a long period of time, and return to the example of the live casino: in reality they did not have a hundred percent chance of success in winning until they had 10,000 turns now.

This does not mean that we have to perform 10,000 operations, but it is possible that one or even one hundred operations throughout the year do not reach the level of consistency we want, but we are sure that if we continue to advance the probabilistic exchanges and continue to establish limits in the table for ourselves. We will see success and for longer we will stay in made more trades and if they stay consistent and persistent it will lead to profits so hopefully this has been a really good tutorial just to kind of again get you started before we get into. a lot of the logistics of entering trades and how to kind of manage some of those entry points and looking for trades.

It’s important to take a step back and understand kind of the ten thousand foot view of what we’re trying to do here so as always if you guys enjoy this article please share it online on Twitter on Facebook add a comment right below this article and the lesson page if you have any questions I’ll make sure I get back to all of those and happy trading. It made more operations and, if they are constant and constant, it will lead to profits, so I hope this was a really good tutorial to start over before we get into the logistics of entering operations and how to manage them. Some of those entry points and the exchange search is important to take a step back and understand the kind of view of ten thousand feet standing that we are trying to do here, so if you always enjoy this article, share it online on Twitter Facebook Add a comment just below this article and the lesson page. If you have any questions, I will make sure to return to all those happy changes.

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